Raw vegan banana peanut-butter mylk shake

raw vegan Peanutbutter chocolade shake

Breakfast champ.
Sweet breakfast heaven is this yumminess raw vegan mylk-shake. The good sweets of life combined, makes your breakfast a party. The creamy taste of homemade almond milk with banana and peanut butter, topped with figs and cacao is a breakfast for all tall and small champions.

I’m sure this will be a winner in your house for sure. A rich indulging treat to all.

banana and oat cookies

havemout_bananen cookies_dreamy_avocado_smoothie-03
Go banana’s for breakfast

Who doesn’t like a cookie know and then ?
Right! I knew you would say: he yeah. We all like eating cookies.

It even get’s better: what if your cookie could be a breakfast too….
Not a guilty feeling kind of breakfast. But a nourishing and well thought breakfast in the shape of a cookie.
Doesn’t that sound appealing ?Read More…

Dreamy Avocado Smoothie

havemout_bananen cookies_dreamy_avocado_smoothie-03

Dream it up
No nicer way to wake up being aloud to keep dreaming. That exactly what happens to you when waking up to this creamy dreaming avocado vanilla smoothie.
With the good fat from almond milk and velvety avocado along with the sweet from vanilla and dates, this smoothie makes your day any time.

Good fats
The multi billionRead More…

Italian seed crackers – raw

italian flatbread cracker recipe raw

To gluten or not to gluten, is that the question?
Every where around you see, hear and read about it. More and more people can’t stand or don’t like to eat gluten anymore. Whether it is for health reasons or an other dietary believe you most likely still fancy to eat a cracker-like texture now and then. And that’s pretty easy do-able, even fullyRead More…

Homemade crunchy granola – gltn free

cruncy glutenfree granola - easy homemade

Zelfgemaakte krokante granola laat het huis geuren als een warme Kerst deken. Weg grauwe, natte donkere dagen! De zoet geur van kaneel, mango en cranberry’s zijn een echte traktatie. De dagen zijn in één keer warm gevuld. En het allerbeste is dat het een stuk gezonder en zeker zoveel lekkerder is, als de krokante cruesli die je in de winkels koopt. En ook nog eens geheel gluten vrij!Read More…