Raw vegan banana peanut-butter mylk shake

raw vegan Peanutbutter chocolade shake

Breakfast champ.
Sweet breakfast heaven is this yumminess raw vegan mylk-shake. The good sweets of life combined, makes your breakfast a party. The creamy taste of homemade almond milk with banana and peanut butter, topped with figs and cacao is a breakfast for all tall and small champions.

I’m sure this will be a winner in your house for sure. A rich indulging treat to all.

Rainbow salad – vegan

vegan rainbow salad

Easy does the trick
When busy with work, kids or what ever it is that brings joy to you it somethings can get food preparation a bit squeezed in. For those kind of days this rainbow salad with a sweet bite is a blessing. A bitRead More…

Vegan orange & stracciatella ice cream

Recipe Vegan Orange stracciatella icecream

Summertimes ask for ice creams 
Nothing better then the cold and refreshing taste of ice-cream when the the thermometer shows 30 degrees. As a non dairy or vegan eater it’s not always that easy to find good tasty ice-cream. Not even to mention affordable ice-cream.

And yes eating water popsicles skips the problem but everyone hungers a creamy rich comforting ice-cream now a then. It’s the same for dairy-free and vegan peeps as well.

It’s way easier then it looks!
No panic. I promise it;’s so easy to do this ice-cream. So get yourself to the kitchen and try this ice-cream Make sure to get some stock in the freezer for the rest of the summerly hot days to come as Summer isn’t over yet.

Do I see…
Yes you do see a ice-cream cone… And yes I can’t handle this for sure… But it makes such a nice picture… So the story in long: I just went to the cafeteria and asked kindly if i could have a few cones and what the cost would be. The man looked at me and said no ice-cream just cones? Are you sure? I told him as enticing it seems it’s not for me to eat dairy. He smiled and gave me some cones for free.

In short: I had homemade vegan ice-cream and my love ate 2 cones 😉

Happy Summer to all and enjoy while it lasts.

Raw vegan rainbow cheesecake

raw vegan rainbow cheesecake

Celebrate love
Across our house there lives a lovely couple. A couple I now I can call good friends as they listen to me when in need, I can laugh with whilst going for a bowling game, who watch my house and water my plants when away and even take care of my dad when staying in the big city by himself by inviting him to join them for dinner.  I guess we all like neighbors and friends like this. There is nothing bad to say about such hearth warming persons. Yet there are people who think they are bad just because this couple is a male couple. I believe we should celebrate what ever love there is as as long there is love hate can’t win.

Rainbow gift
I know the guys are always aware of where they are and how to react within the crowd they are, to be sure not to harm any ones feelings. But once a year it’s their ‘shields’ off day. The day we celebrate equality in colors and flavors. Proud rainbow flags are waving all over Amsterdam. to get the party started I created this natural food colored raw vegan cheesecake to my loves from across the street. To get the party started.raw vegan rainbow cheesecake-02

Get your food colored natural
To fancy your food up it’s just as easy to reach to natural coloring as to the unhealthy full of E numbers food dye. To create a rainbow of colors use the following natural ingredients to get the trick done.

Red: dried ground hibiscus powder.
Softer red/ pink: dried ground beetroot powder.
Yellow: dried ground turmeric (is stronger in taste, I always add some extra vanilla powder to accompany).
Orange: dried ground mangosteen powder.
Green: dried spirulina of chlorella powder (this is pretty strong in color so just use a tiny bit).
Purple: thawed blueberries.

raw vegan rainbow cheesecake natural food coloring raw vegan rainbow cheesecake natural food coloring - green


Mango-lime mocktail drink

mocktail recipe-01Mocktail what ….
I hear some of you think mocktail? Doesn’t she mean cocktail ! Well yes and no… as a mocktail is a cocktail but… tatataaaa without the alcohol. For some maybe a bummer, for me a bles. As this makes it drinkable for my tastebuds and also my body loves me more without booze.

Get that summer feel any day.
Even when Summer isn’t always as sunny as I would like, the sun is straight back in your heart and sight with this catchy drink.

When rain or cloudy days no need to get sip. Create your own sunny feel by blending up this Lime-mango-coco water slush! Settle yourself somewhere fancy pancy comfortable and enjoy.

Which is something I need today relax and withdraw yourself on this raining cats and dogs Sunday.

mocktail recipe-02

Raw Falafel Wraps

raw falafel recipe -fortheloveoftaste-2

Truly raw falafel
Like being in heaven, a middle east full of flavor and spice heaven thats how I feel when yummying on these falafel wraps.

It might look challenging to do these raw falafel balls your self. But believe me, it is not! Only a little bit of patience is needed and some self-control to not eat them straight away…. which by the way can be done anyway. It’s just that I like the some what crisp dry outside of the falafel when been in the dehydrator.

Wrap idea’s
I used coconut wraps  just store bought ones) with kurkuma, but if you can’t find these, regular ones are just as fine. Or use romaine lettuce leaves for your wrap.

For the filling I used hummus, tomato, cucumber, mixed sprouts and some extra fresh mint leaves.
Please feel free to vary and be creative filling wise with what ever theirs in your fridge. Think spinach, carrot or beetroot sticks, rocket. Or what-ever green you think of. I’m sure it will be great.

raw falafel recipe -fortheloveoftaste 1

banana and oat cookies

havemout_bananen cookies_dreamy_avocado_smoothie-03
Go banana’s for breakfast

Who doesn’t like a cookie know and then ?
Right! I knew you would say: he yeah. We all like eating cookies.

It even get’s better: what if your cookie could be a breakfast too….
Not a guilty feeling kind of breakfast. But a nourishing and well thought breakfast in the shape of a cookie.
Doesn’t that sound appealing ?Read More…

Dreamy Avocado Smoothie

havemout_bananen cookies_dreamy_avocado_smoothie-03

Dream it up
No nicer way to wake up being aloud to keep dreaming. That exactly what happens to you when waking up to this creamy dreaming avocado vanilla smoothie.
With the good fat from almond milk and velvety avocado along with the sweet from vanilla and dates, this smoothie makes your day any time.

Good fats
The multi billionRead More…

Oaty bliss-balls

havermout snack_oat snack blissballs

A perfect simple 15 minute recipe for that little snack moment during the day. These Oat bliss-balls just pick you up at the 4 o’clock ‘I’m in for something’ moment

Fashionly new:
Being an golden oldie with a new modern face, oats are a great value in all ways. Oats are healthy, filling, gluten free andRead More…