banana and oat cookies

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Go banana’s for breakfast

Who doesn’t like a cookie know and then ?
Right! I knew you would say: he yeah. We all like eating cookies.

It even get’s better: what if your cookie could be a breakfast too….
Not a guilty feeling kind of breakfast. But a nourishing and well thought breakfast in the shape of a cookie.
Doesn’t that sound appealing ?

Go banana’s with these banana and oat cookies for breakfast. But no worries any other time a day is simple fine too.

With the new job, which I totally like, I do spend less time in the kitchen. Simply cause I’m less home. I have to confess I’m not prepping food as much as I like and for sure at home I’m all of a sudden the part of 2 who is doing the less part.
It’s the love of my life a.k.a. the boyfriend, who takes care of dinners most days a week now. From being a not so interested in cooking but liking good food guy, I must credit him as he gets better and better everyday. Some of his best and favorites all plant-based and raw dishes make a weekly staple into my incredible lunch boxes. Which let my colleagues behind lurking at my feast lunches when eating an other cheezy cheese tosti at lunch.

And so I have to admit:this delectable cookie recipe in fact would be named best: The_go_banana_boyfriend_oat_cookie. As it came out of his sleeve just like that.
Being so good and delicious I had to share it with you loves.

Double duty
A thing I care about is having as less as possible food waste. Eating wholefood organic plant food isn’t just about caring for your body. It’s also caring about the environment and life from a bigger holistic point of view. At least to me.

I use vegetables from root to leaf and a fruit from peel to the fruity flesh inside where possible.
My share to earth day is by creating as less as possible kitchen scraps.
Making nut milk is a perfect opportunity for a double duty use. By drying the leftover nut pulp and use it for baking goods or thickening smoothies.
Just like in this recipe. That’s how I care for the environment and not bad either for my wallet too.

Good combo
These banana and oat cookies pair super duper with this dreamy avocado smoothie. Next to making up for a deliciously breakfast this way you benefit from a combination of good fats when drinking this smoothie.

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