Free from Pancakes – gltn, egg, dairy, nut free

gluten, dairy, nut, egg free yummy pancakes

As a kid pancakes where one of my favorite’s and even know I like a nice pancake know and then as they are just good celebration food and comforted at the same time.
Pancakes can be your best friend, especially when they are totally plant based and no allergies are triggered what so ever.

gluten free, egg free and dairy free makes this recipe pancakes my best friend again.

Tasty and simple that simple you easily bake them being on holiday as I did during our RV trip through the states.
After seeing all the natural overwhelming beauty of Utah and Arizona we just where i need for some peace, tranquility and comfort food.

Delicious served with fresh berries, strawberries or with banana. Also really good as a pancake cake when layered with nut butter in between and covered with this chocolate sauce and some raw cranberry compote.


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