Vegan orange & stracciatella ice cream

Recipe Vegan Orange stracciatella icecream

Summertimes ask for ice creams 
Nothing better then the cold and refreshing taste of ice-cream when the the thermometer shows 30 degrees. As a non dairy or vegan eater it’s not always that easy to find good tasty ice-cream. Not even to mention affordable ice-cream.

And yes eating water popsicles skips the problem but everyone hungers a creamy rich comforting ice-cream now a then. It’s the same for dairy-free and vegan peeps as well.

It’s way easier then it looks!
No panic. I promise it;’s so easy to do this ice-cream. So get yourself to the kitchen and try this ice-cream Make sure to get some stock in the freezer for the rest of the summerly hot days to come as Summer isn’t over yet.

Do I see…
Yes you do see a ice-cream cone… And yes I can’t handle this for sure… But it makes such a nice picture… So the story in long: I just went to the cafeteria and asked kindly if i could have a few cones and what the cost would be. The man looked at me and said no ice-cream just cones? Are you sure? I told him as enticing it seems it’s not for me to eat dairy. He smiled and gave me some cones for free.

In short: I had homemade vegan ice-cream and my love ate 2 cones 😉

Happy Summer to all and enjoy while it lasts.