Oaty bliss-balls

havermout snack_oat snack blissballs

A perfect simple 15 minute recipe for that little snack moment during the day. These Oat bliss-balls just pick you up at the 4 o’clock ‘I’m in for something’ moment

Fashionly new:
Being an golden oldie with a new modern face, oats are a great value in all ways. Oats are healthy, filling, gluten free and cheap to buy.
Eaten as porridge they are most common. But did you know muesli’s, cookies and these healthy bliss-balls are made just as easy with oats.

No dried fruits:
Most bliss-balls are fully packed of dried fruit like dates. Not only does this influence more than often the taste, it’s also still quit high in fruit sugars.
The secret in this recipe is to use coconut oil with habit od maple as a ‘glue’. With the good fat of the Brazil nuts, oats and the soft taste of ceylon cinnamon these oat balls are just an irresistible snack to enjoy.

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havermout snack _oat snack blissballs