Mini raw fermented Apple Pie’s

raw vegan apple tartelette

The joyful season
The seasonal holidays have started and finally I’m getting a bit more in the Christmas mood. The warm temperatures are not helping, I needed some sparkly glitters from the Christmas tree, shining candles and the warm aroma of home un-baking to get me in the cheerful mood. These Christmasy mini apple tartlets are the best sweet raw plant-based winter treats there are.

Dessert with benefits
What if I tell you that the last dessert course can be a sweet win-win situation ? Yes I thought so too, bring it on. No guilt at all while deliciously enjoying this raw vegan fermented apple pie. Being kind to your tastebuds and gut at the same time! How? By fermenting the apple filling it turns in a great apple chutney with a cooked feeling to it. Due to the fermentation it is filled with all good gut bacteria. The best help you can get in this holiday feast season.

Easy fermentation
By fermenting the fruits own sugars with acidophilus the apples get a zingy fresh bite. Making this chutney like sauce full of good gut friends.
Never fermented raw before, and a bit scared to do so? No worries it’s a very simple thing to do. All you need is a sterilized (clean boiled) glass flip top jar and patience.

Why a flip top jar and not a mason jar?
In the fermentation process oxygen is build up within the jar. A flip-top jar will help you to release the pressure smoothly. A mason jar like any other screw lit jar won’t. The chance the lit will slightly rust or oxidize itself is also why not to use these type of jars. The cheapest and good flip-top jars you can find at Ikea.

Warm and cozy
Like us at this time a year the apple chutney in the fermentation process likes it to be warm and cozy. For example on top of your dehydrator or fridge cupboard. When done and at your preferred taste, after 2-4 days, place it in the fridge to store till you serve.


raw christmas apple pie