fruity goji chocolate bonbon

vegan goji chocolate bonbon

Healthy delectable finger licking treats… No I’m not exaggerating. These goji berry chocolate bonbon’s are a simple recipe that garanties a great delicious outcome.

Perfect to snack on this holiday season, a perfect gift as well. These sweet fruity goji chocolate bonbons will surely please your taste buds and those of all your guests this holiday season.

Honesty tells me to say that this recipe was there already this Summer. It took me 5  attempts before the  pictures where taken… somehow the bonbons where always gone before 😉 Happily my friends and colleagues volunteered as taste tester every single time again.

This recipe is equally delicious any tim of the year you decide to make them.

Off course again suitable for those who follow a gluten free, dairy free and vegan diet.

vegan goji chocolate bonbonvegan goji chocolate bonbon