Rainbow salad – vegan

vegan rainbow salad

Easy does the trick
When busy with work, kids or what ever it is that brings joy to you it somethings can get food preparation a bit squeezed in. For those kind of days this rainbow salad with a sweet bite is a blessing. A bit of cutting, a fast blend and ready you are. This is an other great dish with the use of the basic Asian sauce

Colorful vitamins
With all the colors of the rainbow into this salade. I’m sure it will bring out the smile on your and your families face. The crunchy bite of the carrots an d chard, the spicy bite of the sauce and the balancing sweet of the mango makes this salad a winner. Pack with a lot of vitamins from all the different colors in their like:
– Carrots for vitamine A,
– Mango for vitamine A + C
– Chard for vitamine B + C + Iron
– and good carbs from the brown rice.

Tip: make some extra and pack it for next days lunch to work. Just be sure to do this before you put it onto the table just be sure there’s some left after 😉