Rainbow salad – vegan

vegan rainbow salad

Easy does the trick
When busy with work, kids or what ever it is that brings joy to you it somethings can get food preparation a bit squeezed in. For those kind of days this rainbow salad with a sweet bite is a blessing. A bitRead More…

Raw Falafel Wraps

raw falafel recipe -fortheloveoftaste-2

Truly raw falafel
Like being in heaven, a middle east full of flavor and spice heaven thats how I feel when yummying on these falafel wraps.

It might look challenging to do these raw falafel balls your self. But believe me, it is not! Only a little bit of patience is needed and some self-control to not eat them straight away…. which by the way can be done anyway. It’s just that I like the some what crisp dry outside of the falafel when been in the dehydrator.

Wrap idea’s
I used coconut wraps  just store bought ones) with kurkuma, but if you can’t find these, regular ones are just as fine. Or use romaine lettuce leaves for your wrap.

For the filling I used hummus, tomato, cucumber, mixed sprouts and some extra fresh mint leaves.
Please feel free to vary and be creative filling wise with what ever theirs in your fridge. Think spinach, carrot or beetroot sticks, rocket. Or what-ever green you think of. I’m sure it will be great.

raw falafel recipe -fortheloveoftaste 1

No Rice Sushi – Raw

raw plant-based no rice sushi recipe

With sushi being a personal favorite for which you may wake me up any time… I had to work around the a bit more nasty parts for me in sushi ! Here it is: an all plant-based sushi with no animal protein nor gluten at all, thereforRead More…

100% plant-burger

vegan rawfood veggie-burger recipe

What’s a Summer party without a burger ? Exactly my thoughts!
Plant-based foodies like their burgers too. No, not the meaty version but a nice savory vegetable burger likeRead More…

Snelle rijst noodles + zelfgemaakte boemboe

Asian noodles with veggie spice paste

Na een feestelijk sinterklaas avondje heb je vandaag vast zin in wat makkelijks. Niets moeten en lekker relaxen. Of voor op van die dagen dat je het harde werken je hongerig heeft gemaakt, je geen zin hebt in gedoe in de keuken maar nog altijd lekker en gezond wil eten.
Probeer dan dit snelle makkelijke rijst noodles recept met zelf gemaakte boemboe kruiden pasta. Lekker comfort foodRead More…