Raw vegan banana peanut-butter mylk shake

raw vegan Peanutbutter chocolade shake

Breakfast champ.
Sweet breakfast heaven is this yumminess raw vegan mylk-shake. The good sweets of life combined, makes your breakfast a party. The creamy taste of homemade almond milk with banana and peanut butter, topped with figs and cacao is a breakfast for all tall and small champions.

I’m sure this will be a winner in your house for sure. A rich indulging treat to all.

Cucumber-melon hydration juice

cucumber-melon chlorella sports juice recipe Hydration juice.
After a work-out hydration is important, or better said it extra important. Because keeping the fluids maintained counts for every body.

I came up with this juice on a hot day and wanted to treat my guy after his interval cycle training as well as myself. To hydrate means drinking enough either water of fruits and vegetables that are very high in fluid. A fun an delicious way to do so is with this Cucumber-melon juice enriched with spirulina.

Cucumber and melon are both strong hydrating ingredients perfect after a sweaty session or on a hot day. Next to its lovely sweet taste honeydew melon is high in vitamine c too (about 35% of the recommended daily dose).Read More…

Mango-lime mocktail drink

mocktail recipe-01Mocktail what ….
I hear some of you think mocktail? Doesn’t she mean cocktail ! Well yes and no… as a mocktail is a cocktail but… tatataaaa without the alcohol. For some maybe a bummer, for me a bles. As this makes it drinkable for my tastebuds and also my body loves me more without booze.

Get that summer feel any day.
Even when Summer isn’t always as sunny as I would like, the sun is straight back in your heart and sight with this catchy drink.

When rain or cloudy days no need to get sip. Create your own sunny feel by blending up this Lime-mango-coco water slush! Settle yourself somewhere fancy pancy comfortable and enjoy.

Which is something I need today relax and withdraw yourself on this raining cats and dogs Sunday.

mocktail recipe-02

Detox start — juice shot

Detox start  

Every body can use some help always! Even when living as clean as possible a detox juice still will do it magic trick for anyone. Also  giving my best to live as healthy healthy as I can this also includes eating chips, crisps or an vegan ice-cream now and then. As human as another this is what I need too sometimes.

But back to the detox this goosebumps giving shot is made in a jiffy to last for a while in your tummy and doing it’s trick for you.
Detox green juice shot-fortheloveoftaste

Dreamy Avocado Smoothie

havemout_bananen cookies_dreamy_avocado_smoothie-03

Dream it up
No nicer way to wake up being aloud to keep dreaming. That exactly what happens to you when waking up to this creamy dreaming avocado vanilla smoothie.
With the good fat from almond milk and velvety avocado along with the sweet from vanilla and dates, this smoothie makes your day any time.

Good fats
The multi billionRead More…

Vita C winter Booster

Delectable healthy plant based vegan and raw recipes
How to fight winter struggles?
Get yourself ready and prepared for winter with a healthy boost of Vitamine C. Nothing better then avoiding the flew. This simplicious smoothie is prepped in a jiffy.

With ingredientsRead More…

Energy elixer choco drink

raw chocolate energy boost drink

All plant based and raw
On the crossroad between Summer and Autumn. With evenings getting colder again. I mixed up this nice warming energie elixer to enjoy as a warming chocolate milk. Wether it is a colder ‘end of Summer eve’ or the rainy Autumn days ahead this mix surely will get you through all of it in a comfortable and delicious way.

Being a raw nut-milk based drink. This is the number 1 to go to hot chocolate drink for peeps with dairy or lactose intolerances.Read More…

Pink lemonade

homemade pink lemonade

Get your self hydrated. Warm days ask for extra fluid to drink. This pink strawberry lemonade will do the trick for sure. A fresh zingy lemon and sweet Summer strawberry combination.

Fixed in a few minutes with no extra sugar added.Read More…