Dairy free Sweet Mascarpone Cream

Dairy free Vegan Cream

Start your day with this radiant sugar-free and dairy-free cream with sweet ripe fresh fruit or surprise your guests with a delectable dessert.

Go ahead enjoy this rich simplicity. Summer sweet ripe stone fruit is plenty for sale at
the moment.

Again and again my eyes are drawn to this color explosion from deep warm reds to bright orange and soft pinks. Helped by my nose by repeatedly catching that sweet soft warm scent of ripe nectarines that’s filling the room. OK.  I’m tacked.

Summer ripe fruit does not need much extra. It is closest to perfection with a nice creamy mousse next to it.A perfection who really was there all the time already.vegan creamy sweet mascarpone

NOTE: In this dish, I use Irish moss. For some this is a new ingredient for others it might be known. Irish moss is a seaweed rich in minerals and antioxidants. And it is known as a superfood for better digestion and a positive effect on your lungs. It is often used in the raw food and plant-based lifestyle kitchens.

It is an ideal binder for eg smoothies and shakes to delicious thicken it. In addition it can used as a gelling agent in raw cakes and pastries.

You buy it at the better-stocked food shops or online at various superfood websites such as here and  here.Dairy free Vegan Cream

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