Italian seed crackers – raw

italian flatbread cracker recipe raw

To gluten or not to gluten, is that the question?
Every where around you see, hear and read about it. More and more people can’t stand or don’t like to eat gluten anymore. Whether it is for health reasons or an other dietary believe you most likely still fancy to eat a cracker-like texture now and then. And that’s pretty easy do-able, even fully raw & plant-based.

My living food Italian gluten-free crackers are as crispy as a cracker should be and as nourishing as food should. All the good from the seeds and veggies are still in there as these life-food crackers are not baked, but just dried until to perfectness in texture and taste. Whether you eat gluten-free, like to stay paleo or are just like me in love with plant-based living foods this raw cracker will tastefully suit all.

Make sure you give this recipe a try, as I’m convinced you will love it as much as I do. They make a great staple food in your plant-based kitchen, a perfect travel snack or use them as a burger ‘bun’.

Delicious simply topped with some avocado or a dot of raw ketchup.
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