blood orange – nut-cake

Mhhhhmmm! a delicious left over cake that makes a good breakfast or your perfect four-0’clock tea moment. a real two in one treasure.
Making your own nut milk leaves you with the nut pulp that surely does not need to be waisted.

After you’ve made your own almond milk this tasty nutritious nut cake is made super easy with the remaining almond pulp, a little love and some extra ingredients.
I indulged a group of cyclist incl. my hubby with a piece of this cake today as their recovery treat. And i tell you it all went done smooth with them.

The nuts and dried fruits make a good treat for these endurance sport boys, but let’s be honest I indulged myself with a piece of it as well.

In this recipe I used 2 kinds of oranges as besides it looks nice the both also have a slightly different taste of sweetness. But no worries if one of the kind isn’t available near you.
just 1 kind will do just as well or you might like to experiment with pineapple, or apples. I think there is a lot of personal topping freedom in this recipe. Just do your magic with the topping.


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