White chocolate with rose and goji berries


Let’s celebrate LOVE ! always and forever certainly on Valentine’s day.

How better by expressing your love, trust and friendship to that special one with these white chocolate chunks.
Yes I hear you think ‘white chocolate but why is it pink then’ ?

Well this Raw white Chocolate is flavored with Goji berries and rose petals and therefor makes a real love choc bar.
The real sweet Valentine deal to tell a special one this day how much you value him or her.

The perfect gift to your valentines regardless if it’s your mom, your granny, the love of your life or your best friend.
Homemade and packed full of love you instantly, without words, let the other know how special he or she is for you.

And really who doesn’t love chocolate ?
Especially when made with lot’s of love, no sugar nor artificial coloring or dairy. Oh yeah that’s why I like rice malt syrup
so much as this sweetener is fructose free and there for not a fat maker… but sweets are sweet and the best way is to treat it as a treat even on Valentine’s day.

Happy Valentine Dear.