Vanilla Cranberry Bliss Milkshake

raw vegan vanilla cranberry bliss milkshake reciperaw vegan vanilla cranberry bliss milkshake recipe
Vanilla Cranberry Bliss Milkshake. I dare say: my new personal favorite!
This creamy, all vegan, plant based goody is a big ‘me’ time treat. You won’t miss out out on dairy at all, as the creaminess of this shake recipe is just awesome. Filled with natures goodies as cranberries, chia seeds & almond.

A filling nut milkshake made with whole food ingredients. Fresh cranberries are the best. Unfortunately mostly only available in grocery shops here around Christmas time. That’s when I buy a few packages at ones and save them in my freezer. But luckily one of the major grocery stores (AH) sells them year round nowadays in their fresh frozen fruit boxes. So always time for a cranberry milkshake !

All it takes is a few minutes and 2 spoons of my delicious versatile cranberry bliss compote.

Yeahh. Go for it. Indulge and nourish yourself with a delicious shake full of love.

raw vegan vanilla cranberry bliss milkshake recipe