homemade kale chips

DIY kale chips - groente chips
It’s Weekend, it’s snack time and Yes fully without any guilt our doubt as snacking does not need to be bad.

With only just 5 real whole food ingredients you create these delicious spicy crispy chips with a oriental twist.
Go get ready for that movie eve with your best friend, indulge yourself in girly movies and healthy snacks.

In my recipe there are only 5 real ingredients. I used a mix of regular green kale along with the lesser known purple kale.
Just because it was in my 1m2 garden and the colors are so beautiful together. But no problem using the green variety only as it will
taste equal good.

The easiest way to make these chips is in a dehydrator. But if you do not own one you can also use your oven by lining the grid
with a sheet of baking paper.

The exact length of time depends on how hot your dehydrator or oven is set.
However, if you want to keep it really RAW then it should not be heated above 40 degrees Celsius.raw food - DIY kale chips

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