homemade basil oil

basil oil
Sometimes all its needs is pure simplicity. A few good quality ingredients and nothing more. And what kitchen knows this better then the Italian ? Exactly almost non. This super simple homemade basil oil is just divine and a perfect dip for vegetables or crackers.

And a great ‘secret’ ingredient of my fresh melon soup recipe.

Make sure to use a good quality extra virgin cold pressed olive oil for the base as this gives the best taste result. I love to go to a special olive oil shop find me a good oil I use especially for these kinds of recipes.

In Amsterdam my favorite store for olive oil is Meeuwig&Zn. Their olive oils and vinegars are imported from different Italian an Spanish regions, and are just great. All the different oils are to be tasted before freshly tapped from the big rvs tank. Before you think I own some percentage in this shop I can tell you NO! It’s just a great local address with great flavors.