Nut free green pesto

nut free vegan green pesto

When you think Italy, undeniably you think of good food and luscious dinner parties. A pity only that a lot of the Italian classics are not vegan friendly nor ok. when having a gluten allergy or wheat intolerance. My twist on a classic green pesto makes this recipe perfectly suitable for vegans and those whit a nut allergy.Read More…

homemade basil oil

basil oil
Sometimes all its needs is pure simplicity. A few good quality ingredients and nothing more. And what kitchen knows this better then the Italian ? Exactly almost non. This super simple homemade basil oil is just divine and a perfect dip for vegetables or crackers.

And a great ‘secret’ ingredientRead More…

How to make raw ketchup ?

how to make raw-food tomato ketchup

This raw ketchup-like sauce out of sun dried tomato’s is just to good to be through. I honestly dare to say it is better then store bought ketchup, taste wise and defiantly health wise as it does not contains the heap of refined sugarRead More…

Farmers rhubarb compote

raw rhubarb compote recipe

Just at the last moment I like to share with you a rustic simple good tasting raw rhubarb recipe.

Me and Rhubarb go a long way. Every spring again I’m surprised how much I love rhubarb compote. Since eating plant-based and mostly raw it has been a while since I ate it. As I did not know how to prepare it still being raw and tasteful at the same time.Read More…