How to preserves apples raw

how to pick the fruits of the apple harvest time in your kitchen

September here means the apple harvest is in full swing. Shops and markets are packed with plenty new fresh shinny apples. The choice is plenty. It also mean that apples can drop a bit in prize when the first new harvest has been sold and all theseRead More…

Energy Elixer chocolate blend

superfood energy mix

How to mix your on raw superfood Chocolate Energy elixer?
This recipe shows you how to mix up a nice homemade raw vegan chocolate blend. An energy giving raw cacao mix that save’s quit some money. As store bought raw vegan chocolate mixes can be very expensive.Read More…

homemade basil oil

basil oil
Sometimes all its needs is pure simplicity. A few good quality ingredients and nothing more. And what kitchen knows this better then the Italian ? Exactly almost non. This super simple homemade basil oil is just divine and a perfect dip for vegetables or crackers.

And a great ‘secret’ ingredientRead More…