Homemade raspberry vinaigrette

Delectable healthy plant based vegan and raw recipes
Pink and me aren’t a real match when it comes to the color itself but when talking summer fruits… there are times when the kitchen is al about pink.

From pale soft pink peaces to deep vibrant raspberries and all there is in between, I just love these kind pinks. It just gives me aa incredibly wealthy feeling when looking at the fruit bowl covered in all these sweet shades of pink.

Summertime and berries go around for sure. Sometimes they come in even almost with to much at the same time, for as much you can have to much berries of course. This lightly sweet, slightly tart homemade salad dressing is a perfect way to use some raspberries when you are covered in to much.

Enjoy a sweet fresh summer sun on your tongue.

Delicious combined within a green leaf lettuce salad with cucumber, pomegranate, blueberries and capers.
Or in this Quinoa raspberry-fennel salad with pomegranate.

Delectable healthy plant based vegan and raw recipes