Watercress berry salad

watercress berry salad -  waterkers bes salade
An health earthy sweet summer flavor salad on your plate in less then 10 min.

The summer season I like the best for it abundance at the farmers markets with a big choice of all kind of sweet fruits and fresh green leaves.
All these beauties make it hard to choose what to bring home.

Some very lovely ingredients sometimes just get a bit overlooked at as the others are even prettier. I can image this to happens to the turnip now and then. But these little summer turnips are just lovely and give your salad a nice crunch bite. Also a very convent fact is they hardly cost anything compared to some of the so considered beauty queens of the market.

This simple yet very delicious and tasteful salad is a must try… at least once. but I’m sure after tried it once your hooked just like me.

An important ingredient in this salad is the pumpkin seed oil. This cold pressed and rich dark green oil is a true taste sensation. Delicious in salads or as a finishing touch, as well taste wise as for your eyes, on your plate of (pumpkin) soup.

pompoen waffel met waterkers bes salade

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