Vita C winter Booster

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How to fight winter struggles?
Get yourself ready and prepared for winter with a healthy boost of Vitamine C. Nothing better then avoiding the flew. This simplicious smoothie is prepped in a jiffy.

With ingredients as cranberries, orange and baobab powder this is a real anti flew, high resistance boost.
Don’t worry the cranberries being to tart. As the creaminess of the cashews and vanilla blends this smoothie into a heavenly delicious drink.

All the benefits of cranberries, just not the tart burden.

With the major supermarkets (like AH and Jumbo) having fresh frozen cranberries in the freezer aisle. Fresh cranberries are available anytime of the year instead of only when Christmas is around.
Keeping sliced frozen bananas in your own freezer is always a good idea as they go perfect into smoothie’s or homemade Nicecreams!

This remarkable tree grows on the African savannah and is also known as ‘the tree of life’. With baobab to most of us being a new superfood, to most Africans it’s a fruit they consume since mankind started.

The fruit contains a lot of fiber and is very nutritious and dense with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Due to the high fiber content it gives a quick sense of satisfaction.

The pulp of the baobab fruit contains:
six times more vitamin C than oranges,
six times more antioxidants than black currants,
two times more antioxidants than goji berries,
two times more calcium than milk,
six times more potassium than bananas,
more iron than red meat,
more fiber than fruits such as apples, apricots or bananas.

Baobab is mainly sold in a powder form over here. You’ll find it at organic and health food stores. But also at the larger AH supermarkets in the healthfood aisle, you will find this superfood with it’s citrus-ish flavor.

How to use it?
You can add the powder to your coconut-yogurt, smoothie or nut-milk cereal easily.

That said this smoothie is waiting for you.

vitamin c - cranberry smoothie