Mini raw fermented Apple Pie’s

raw vegan apple tartelette

The joyful season
The seasonal holidays have started and finally I’m getting a bit more in the Christmas mood. The warm temperatures are not helping, I needed some sparkly glitters from the Christmas tree, shining candles and the warm aroma of home un-baking to get me in the cheerful mood. These Christmasy mini apple tartlets are the best sweet raw plant-based winter treatsRead More…

Vita C winter Booster

Delectable healthy plant based vegan and raw recipes
How to fight winter struggles?
Get yourself ready and prepared for winter with a healthy boost of Vitamine C. Nothing better then avoiding the flew. This simplicious smoothie is prepped in a jiffy.

With ingredientsRead More…

How to preserves apples raw

how to pick the fruits of the apple harvest time in your kitchen

September here means the apple harvest is in full swing. Shops and markets are packed with plenty new fresh shinny apples. The choice is plenty. It also mean that apples can drop a bit in prize when the first new harvest has been sold and all theseRead More…

Energy elixer choco drink

raw chocolate energy boost drink

All plant based and raw
On the crossroad between Summer and Autumn. With evenings getting colder again. I mixed up this nice warming energie elixer to enjoy as a warming chocolate milk. Wether it is a colder ‘end of Summer eve’ or the rainy Autumn days ahead this mix surely will get you through all of it in a comfortable and delicious way.

Being a raw nut-milk based drink. This is the number 1 to go to hot chocolate drink for peeps with dairy or lactose intolerances.Read More…

Italian seed crackers – raw

italian flatbread cracker recipe raw

To gluten or not to gluten, is that the question?
Every where around you see, hear and read about it. More and more people can’t stand or don’t like to eat gluten anymore. Whether it is for health reasons or an other dietary believe you most likely still fancy to eat a cracker-like texture now and then. And that’s pretty easy do-able, even fullyRead More…

Candied pecan nuts

raw candied orange and thyme  pecan nuts

Candied nuts are great and defiantly not only for the wintery Christmas time period. Delicious to eat just like this, candied or spiced nuts make a heavenly cookie seasoning or luscious cake decoration too. At least if they lastRead More…

No Rice Sushi – Raw

raw plant-based no rice sushi recipe

With sushi being a personal favorite for which you may wake me up any time… I had to work around the a bit more nasty parts for me in sushi ! Here it is: an all plant-based sushi with no animal protein nor gluten at all, thereforRead More…

fresh melon soup with basil

meloen soep recept
Fresh creamy melon-soup with a hint of basil just makes a summer day complete. Even on those somewhat rainy summerly days it just brings out the sun on your table. Super easy and fast to prepare, this melon soup recipe is served in just minutes. All it takes is a knife, some cutting and a high speed blender and a few hungry people to enjoy.Read More…

100% plant-burger

vegan rawfood veggie-burger recipe

What’s a Summer party without a burger ? Exactly my thoughts!
Plant-based foodies like their burgers too. No, not the meaty version but a nice savory vegetable burger likeRead More…