No Rice Sushi – Raw

raw plant-based no rice sushi recipe

With sushi being a personal favorite for which you may wake me up any time… I had to work around the a bit more nasty parts for me in sushi ! Here it is: an all plant-based sushi with no animal protein nor gluten at all, therefor merely enjoyed by me again without any les pleasant consequences.

With just a few simple tricks you can mix and match as much as you like. Wether you prefer it the 80%-20% way when it comes to raw versus cooke, or you are a brave 100% all raw foodie. You can enjoy this savory pick-me up anytime just as you like.

As an elegant starter, a quick lunch or double the batch and have a filling supper.

In this recipe I use half a batch of this basic asian sauce.

the no-rice part can be parsnip as I in this version but you can used grated cauliflower or cooked quinoa just a happily just as you like your sushi today. More of a sweet tooth? replace the bell peper for many slices. Just treasure and please yourself.

raw plant-based no rice sushi recipe