Raw vegan rainbow cheesecake

raw vegan rainbow cheesecake

Celebrate love
Across our house there lives a lovely couple. A couple I now I can call good friends as they listen to me when in need, I can laugh with whilst going for a bowling game, who watch my house and water my plants when away and even take care of my dad when staying in the big city by himself by inviting him to join them for dinner.  I guess we all like neighbors and friends like this. There is nothing bad to say about such hearth warming persons. Yet there are people who think they are bad just because this couple is a male couple. I believe we should celebrate what ever love there is as as long there is love hate can’t win.

Rainbow gift
I know the guys are always aware of where they are and how to react within the crowd they are, to be sure not to harm any ones feelings. But once a year it’s their ‘shields’ off day. The day we celebrate equality in colors and flavors. Proud rainbow flags are waving all over Amsterdam. to get the party started I created this natural food colored raw vegan cheesecake to my loves from across the street. To get the party started.raw vegan rainbow cheesecake-02

Get your food colored natural
To fancy your food up it’s just as easy to reach to natural coloring as to the unhealthy full of E numbers food dye. To create a rainbow of colors use the following natural ingredients to get the trick done.

Red: dried ground hibiscus powder.
Softer red/ pink: dried ground beetroot powder.
Yellow: dried ground turmeric (is stronger in taste, I always add some extra vanilla powder to accompany).
Orange: dried ground mangosteen powder.
Green: dried spirulina of chlorella powder (this is pretty strong in color so just use a tiny bit).
Purple: thawed blueberries.

raw vegan rainbow cheesecake natural food coloring raw vegan rainbow cheesecake natural food coloring - green