Raw Blue berry cheesecake, vegan

blue berry cheesecake - vegan
Cheesecake is super addictive to me. No matter if it is a NY style, German style or the classic Dutch one I grew up with being my Godmothers all time favorite.

I can’t remember one of her Birthday’s passing without a cheesecake coming from her mighty cellar and the joy I felt.

The only little inconvenience here is; I and (cow)milk aren’t each others best friends. Imagine how delighted I was when, being at a restaurant and saw the dessert menu, they had a plant based cheesecake.

I tell you I was thrilled and dedicated to save space for dessert. Ohh and what a good decision I made. I was sold from the first bite!

If you expect the taste of any real milk based cheesecake then this is a bit different. To be very honest it is nothing like a cheesecake.
But I promise you it is definitely as good as a cheesecake. The fresh taste of cashew and lemon is just simple heavenly.
You will have a hard time to resist this very addictive cake.

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