Pumpkin pizza – grain + nutfree crust

vegan pumpkin pizza grainfree - nutfree

Wheat free pizza
Plant based pizza crust with no grains and nuts. Can it be done ? Yes it can !

Sometimes you might feel you mis out on the fun… No quick pizza slice for you on the go, when your having difficulties digesting cheese, gluten or wheat like grains. But I promise you that will be forgotten straight away and forever after you had a bite of this great all plant pizza. Next to a scrumptious delicious taste it’s a way healthier version too ! Free of gluten, dairy, nut and grains. Ohh and did I mention easier already ?

Halloween trick and treat 
With a base of sunflower seeds and pumpkin this pizza is the real Halloween-trick recipe. One that the whole family will adore. This red-all-veggie pizza sauce makes a great flavor and nutritional addition. When it comes to the topping the recipe below is a great combo… But feel free to variate with the toppin as you like.

Let’s celebrate the pumpkin season!

vegan pumpkin pizza grainfree - nutfree