Pad Thai

vegan Pad Thai - raw
This all veggie Pad Thai is a easy homemade nice delicious spicy rawfood version of the often some what greasy take away Pad Thai.

It is is one of my many takes on raw Pad Thai. As long as you stick to a few basics like zucchini, lime, cilantro my Asian basic sauce, 1 root vegetable like parsnip or carrots and bell pepper Your just fine.
I added wild rice to the recipe to have an extra texture to bite on but don’t feel stressed when in lack of time it’s perfectly fine to keep it out. Feel like wanna add some sprouts or when you are on a sweet tooth add some fresh cut mango slices. You just can’t go wrong.

When we travel this is one of our favorites to eat. During our month US travel we for sure ate it 1 or even twice a week. By changing the veggie combination or adding kelp noodles to it we all the time had a new version of this rawlicious recipe.

vegan Pad Thai - raw