Nut free green pesto

nut free vegan green pesto

When you think Italy, undeniably you think of good food and luscious dinner parties. A pity only that a lot of the Italian classics are not vegan friendly nor ok. when having a gluten allergy or wheat intolerance. My twist on a classic green pesto makes this recipe perfectly suitable for vegans and those whit a nut allergy.

The sunflower seeds base makes this green pesto just like the real deal but suitable too for those who can’t handle nuts. I often have some of this pesto recipe at hand in te fridge. As it is a great dressing in a simpel ‘no time’  throw together green salad. Delicious with heirloom tomato’s topped on a cracker, as a sauce on a raw pizza, or in this luscious fig&beet salad.

nut and cheese free vegan raw pesto

nut and cheese free pesto