Mango-lime mocktail drink

mocktail recipe-01Mocktail what ….
I hear some of you think mocktail? Doesn’t she mean cocktail ! Well yes and no… as a mocktail is a cocktail but… tatataaaa without the alcohol. For some maybe a bummer, for me a bles. As this makes it drinkable for my tastebuds and also my body loves me more without booze.

Get that summer feel any day.
Even when Summer isn’t always as sunny as I would like, the sun is straight back in your heart and sight with this catchy drink.

When rain or cloudy days no need to get sip. Create your own sunny feel by blending up this Lime-mango-coco water slush! Settle yourself somewhere fancy pancy comfortable and enjoy.

Which is something I need today relax and withdraw yourself on this raining cats and dogs Sunday.

mocktail recipe-02