Irresistible rice pudding – dairy free

Spiced ricepudding - dairy freeIrresistible indeed ! The proof is in the pudding.

During the creation of this pudding the house smelled so nice, the scent of soft vanilla with a hint of creamy spices.
I was sure this was going to be the ultimate dessert. 
At the taste test, it was therefore, no surprise that it was tasty. But how good it was, still surprised me.

This, all vegan, creamy rice pudding has due to the used spices a bit of a middle eastern flavor.
Vanilla and cardamom make a good marriage. A little of this pudding is enough to become hooked.

As no dairy is used, nor any other animal products, in this recipe this is the ideal dessert for one of my dear friends, who can’t tolerate animal proteins at all.
I’m looking forward when she comes over for dinner next time.

This warm creamy vegan rice pudding will not be out of place on a guest dinner table at all. Everyone will feast without being left out.

In this recipe, I use orange blossom water, a typical arabic ingredient sold in most Turkish or in most Asian shops.

With gratitude and love,
Spiced ricepudding - dairy freeSpiced ricepudding - dairy free

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