How to preserves apples raw

how to pick the fruits of the apple harvest time in your kitchen

September here means the apple harvest is in full swing. Shops and markets are packed with plenty new fresh shinny apples. The choice is plenty. It also mean that apples can drop a bit in prize when the first new harvest has been sold and all these beauties from bright green to warm yellow and red apples are here in abundance.

I found myself so lucky. At the organic-shop I stumbled on a bag of  reduced ‘older’ apples. Most likely because a new batch just got in. This bag of ripe still tasteful and perfectly good apples where mine. Back home I took care of these ripe juicy apples straight away. By preserving these beauties into chewy apple rings and crispy apple-cinnamon thyme crisps.

home made apple crisps

Why do it yourself ?
Store bought apple rings are most likely treated with sulfur dioxide also named E220. This to preserve the color to neatly white-ish  instead of a more natural brownish yellow. Although E-numbers are proved by our governments no need to say they are NOT for the better when it comes to our bodies health.

And as it is super easy to do it yourself as well as cheaper, why wouldn’t you do it.

To get chewy apple rings, an old-time favorite from childhood on to me. Peel the apple, core and cut them in 5-6 mm thick rings by hand. Dry on low heat for circa 22 hour or till not wet anymore. Store in a sealed glass jar, cool and dark.

For the Crisps: slice them thinly on a mandoline and spice them before you let them dry on low heat in a dehydrator or van-oven.

That really is all to it, as they say in Dutch ‘een kind kan de was doen’ which translates so much as a child can do the laundry or as easy as pie!

homemade apple rings