fresh melon soup with basil

meloen soep recept
Fresh creamy melon-soup with a hint of basil just makes a summer day complete. Even on those somewhat rainy summerly days it just brings out the sun on your table. Super easy and fast to prepare, this melon soup recipe is served in just minutes. All it takes is a knife, some cutting and a high speed blender and a few hungry people to enjoy.

Topped with some homemade basil oil and some sprouts along with some seed crackers it just makes a lovely dinner. Just the perfect recipe after a long day of work but just as good when having over guest you like to impress.

Due to it’s vibrant orange color it’s good for your mood as well as for your vitamine A and vitamine c intake. Cantaloupe melon actually has more of both vitamins to give to you then oranges.

Best served with some homemade basil oil dried on top. See recipe here!
Make some extra as this homemade basil oil also taste great along with some extra toast or crackers.

zomerse meloen soep receptmeloen soep recept