Farmers rhubarb compote

raw rhubarb compote recipe

Just at the last moment I like to share with you a rustic simple good tasting raw rhubarb recipe.

Me and Rhubarb go a long way. Every spring again I’m surprised how much I love rhubarb compote. Since eating plant-based and mostly raw it has been a while since I ate it. As I did not know how to prepare it still being raw and tasteful at the same time. But the idea of a pineapple marinate I made for our neighbors last dinner gave me the idea for this rhubarb compote. Since I’ve made it 3 times already to finetune it and to share with you. Rhubarb is back on my menu, yeah!

As being more alkalizing for the body, I used maple syrup in this recipe, which isn’t raw. Use a raw honey instead, to enjoy it 100% fully raw.

Health benefits
Rhubarb is one of the first crops from the cold ground that gives us vitamin C, just at the right moment when stored fruit like apples and oranges runs out. Next to vitamin C rhubarb is a good source of dietary fiber which help the digestive system and contains higher amount of vitamin K which is thought to help diabetes.

Why in Spring only ?
The leaves shouldn’t be eaten as these contain oxalic acid. After the longest day of the year, or about Saint John (June 24) the oxalic acid pulls into the stems. Oxalic acid draws calcium from the body, bones. It is therefore recommended not to eat rhubarb after June 24th. Before that you can enjoy delicious.

Do I need a dehydrator?
I made this in my dehydrator but I’m sure you can use your oven to as long as you keep the temperature at 42 degrees celsius.

raw rhubarb compote recipe

raw rhubarb compote recipe