Energy elixer choco drink

raw chocolate energy boost drink

All plant based and raw
On the crossroad between Summer and Autumn. With evenings getting colder again. I mixed up this nice warming energie elixer to enjoy as a warming chocolate milk. Wether it is a colder ‘end of Summer eve’ or the rainy Autumn days ahead this mix surely will get you through all of it in a comfortable and delicious way.

Being a raw nut-milk based drink. This is the number 1 to go to hot chocolate drink for peeps with dairy or lactose intolerances. To sip a warm choco drink is just a delight ‘burden’ like this. By heating the milk to the touch makes sure it stays raw and all the benefitian good and enzymes stay a-live to help your well being.

Lucuma, Mesquite ?
These are  2 superfoods. Lucuma is an custard-like sweetner from Peru with a low GI and containing a lot of minerals. Mesquite also known as Peruvian carob, has a malty sweet-ish taste. It helps as a good blood sugar stabilizer and prevents hunger feelings.

raw chocolate energy boost drink

How to make nutmilk?
The basic ratio for almond nutmilk (by some cold nut-milk) is 1 cup soaked nuts to 3 cups of water. For a full how to make your own healthy free-from nutmilk manual click here.

Especially super duper delicious with a piece of no guilt raw vegan creamy chocolate cake topped with candied orange-thyme pecans. To indulge your me-time to the utmost.

Enjoy the new season coming up!

raw chocolate energy boost drink