Energy Elixer chocolate blend

superfood energy mix

How to mix your on raw superfood Chocolate Energy elixer?
This recipe shows you how to mix up a nice homemade raw vegan chocolate blend. An energy giving raw cacao mix that save’s quit some money. As store bought raw vegan chocolate mixes can be very expensive.

The perfect pantry stock to have on hand to flavor your cereals, smoothie, warm chocolate milk or even custard like filled cakes.

A raw cacao mix of all things good from nature that gives you a boost of warmth and energy. Sweet notes of superfoods as lucuma and Mesquite combined with the warming round flavor of cinnamon and bourbon vanilla will lift you up anytime.

What is Lucuma and/or Mesquite ?
These are both superfoods. Lucuma is an custard-like sweetner from Peru with a low GI and containing a lot of minerals. Mesquite also known as Peruvian carob, has a malty sweet-ish taste It helps as a good blood sugar stabilizer and prevents hunger feelings.

Ideas for use
Especially super duper delicious with a piece of no guilt raw vegan creamy custard chocolate cake topped with candied orange-thyme pecans. Or as a warm chocolate nutlike based drink.

superfood energy mix