Daikon mushroom autumn soup

Daikon - mushroom autumn soup - grain free

As days tend to be rainy and colder soon. I came up with a few new warming and winter spiced recipes.
The first one is Daikon mushroom Autumn soup with a Japanese twist in a bowl. A sturdy autumn combination of daikon, tofu and mushrooms. To warm your body and inner soul when days start to be rainy again.

A nice clear broth from mixed dried and fresh mushrooms along with the silky tofu make this soup perfect to fight the autumn weather and to keep the rainy days outside.

Recently I had such an unexpected but heart warming encounter at this lovely little inner city concept store. On the go with a good friend, to get new inspiration we cycled into town and were chatting as girls can do. As in the corner of my eye, whilst still talking, I say this nice, all new for me, little shop. We turned and parked our bikes. What followed in a nutshell, is a new collaboration and an interview with me in Brainy Days Amsterdam online magazine.
Curious? Well me too!

Daikon - mushroom autumn soup - grain freeDaikon - mushroom autumn soup - grain free

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