Creamy Avocado-Coco ice pops

Avocado cocos ice pops

Warm beaches, palm trees and a fresh sea breeze that’s what I think when I eat this ice cream. An instant mini vacation to Bali.This is also the place where the idea for this ice cream was born.

Bali is known for their delicious fresh fruit shakes. And where can the fruit taste better than in a country where it matures under the sun and is fresh picked when ordered. Exactly nowhere.

Unfortunately, the Balinese besides very lovely people, are real sweet picks too and almost all food contains sugar . This certainly counts for their fruit shakes which are flavored with sugar water and condensed (ie sugar) milk.

Because my love was so fond of the Balinese avocado shake. There wasn’t one day he mist out on having one and if possible he even would have 2 on a day. I created this ice cream … to rekindle in the holiday feeling of sun, sea ​​and beach bounty.

Avocado cocos ice pops

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