Cranberry bliss compote – raw

raw vegan cranberry bliss compote recipe
Cranberry bliss compote is a super easy compote sauce that goes along with many dishes.

A perfect sweet-sour combination for any savory dish. But just as easy in a dessert as topping on your yoghurt, pancake filler or in my personal favorite Vanilla Cranberry Bliss Milkshake a creamy, all vegan, plant based goody to treat yourself big time.

Cranberries are packed with vitamin C and deliver some real health benefits. Especially to your bladder and urinary tract.

I incorporate cranberries in my food pattern often. Either fresh or the fresh frozen ones from the freezer compartment or the NON sugared dried fruits to use in granola’s, cookies or my breakfast coconut yoghurts.
raw vegan cranberry bliss compote recipe