Oriental salicorn + cucumber salad

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Sweet memories
A real mix of all my recent impressions, that’s what todays recipe is. With already being fortunate of having three new travel plans in my agenda. Bali’s sweet memories are still alive with this Oriental vegan salicorn and cucumber noodle salad on my plate.

Salicorn what ?
Yes I hear you think. Nope no corn, not even yellow. Salicorn or Salicornia is a green that grows near the sea.
It has this typical briny taste and slightly sturdy crispy mouthfeel.
With most big(ger) supermarkets selling it now a day. You should defiantly try it if you have never done before. Especially when in love with Asian-like flavors a the pair perfect which this vegetable.
I’m confident you will love this salad. It makes a fine lunch, perfect to-go travel salad and a good family dinner side dish.

Where to Buy
Most bigger supermarkets now a days sell packed salicorn or in Dutch ‘zeekraal’. You mostly find it in the fresh produce aisle in the refrigeration. Often pre-packed.

Organic shop sell it too but more often to be weighted, which is perfect if you just want a bit at the time.

How to buy fresh
When buying, make sure the salicorn looks fresh and feels firm to the touch. When too old, the salicorn hangs limp.
I prefer to have not to big sturdy stems in there as those can be a bit to fiberous and unpleasantly to eat.

Since our return I’ve visit the Asian shop here more than usual. Thanks to the longing for the fine food from the other side of the ocean. Added to that, I got my long-desired spiralizer for my birthday this year. Ever since, I merrily spiralize what ever I can. This is one of the lovely results: an Asian veggie noodle salad.

Light and tasty, crispy and lightly spicy, but especially fresh and heating simultaneously.
Enjoy and let me know what you thought of this taste.

I just adore the briny salty sea like taste so much and think it makes a perfectly nice fast meal.