100% plant-burger

vegan rawfood veggie-burger recipe

What’s a Summer party without a burger ? Exactly my thoughts!
Plant-based foodies like their burgers too. No, not the meaty version but a nice savory vegetable burger like this one. A 100% plant-based burger without wheat, gluten or soy. With Chinese cabbage leaf as ‘buns’ the burger is easily
munched away on the go, in the park, at a BBQ, at anytime. Just my ultimate ‘fast’food.

Even better knowing it is all raw (got ya, as I’m sure you did not think this burger to be raw) and therefor just a handful of comforting nutritional goodness.

Spiced with homemade burger seasoning.
Über delicious with a dollop of this homemade raw ketchup.

Go out and celebrate Summer while it lasts !

vegan rawfood veggie-burger recipe