Pumpkin Kale Quinoa braise

outdoor kitchen - pumpkin camp Carot cake - raw - vegan - gluten

The great outdoor. A perfect camping trip ‘1 burner’ healthy camp meal.
Life was good last month, it was marked by a trip through California. We traveled all across the northern part of the state in the beautiful Indian Summer weather.

Not only I indulged myself at the wide range of everything there is in the broad field of organic foods and raw and vegan cooking. Also the many heartwarming encounters we had and various guest spots gave an incredible boost.

In one of the most unexpected corners I got the cherry on the proverbial porridge. Up North, in Gasquet, we stayed in a cozy little cabin. BAck to nature back to everything.  We stayed 2 nights at Dan & Jane’s amazing place called Maitreya Mountain. A man’s dream that becomes reality and where you need to stay when around.

You are free to pick your own from their luscious organic garden. That’s how I gathered my various ingredients and cooked in the great American outdoors this healthy one burner camp meal. Which provided us with all we needed for our next walk up this beautiful and peaceful mountain.

Pumpkin camp braise - stew Carot cake - raw - vegan - gluten frpumkin kale braise healthy camp meal Carot cake - raw - vegan -

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