mango mousse sunshine cake

mango mousse cakeWe all could need some mango sunshine right now. As most of us are facing the dark when leaving the house towards work and exactly the same when you travel back to your homes.

With the days getting moist and colder per day, winter let’s us know that it’s around the corner. Although I love every season evenly much I do get sad to have less time to spend with Mister Sun.

To cheer up, I got the house winter proof again. My nice, warm and cozy woolen blankets are out of the closet again on to the coach. To snuggle into to  watch romantic movies. I used some magic on candlelights through the house and made mango cake to comfort the mind and soul. My mango mousse sunshine cake makes a nice and health comfort cake for those upcoming blue winter days.

This, no bake, mango pistachio cake is all good and a real boost, flavor and soul wise. With no extra added sweetener nor dairy this is a all natural, healthy and super delicious plant based vegan treat for all.

When it comes to the use of dates, I always go for Medjoul dates. Why? Even as they are more expensive, Medjoul dates are purely natural in their sugar / fructose share. The other smaller and cheaper dates, usually packed on a plastic foam tray are candied and therefor sugared dates.

As astonishing and daunting it may look to you it is very easily made in a very short time. So go ahead, feast this weekend!

With gratitude and love,

mango mousse cakemango mousse cake

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