Easy Homemade NUTMilk

Homemade nutmilk
Nourish yourself.

I wrote about it last time already, how delighted I can be when I create something good with just a few ingredients. For homemade nut milk that goes all the way. The real good news is it is really very simple and everybody, and I mean really everybody, can make it themselves.

In just a few simple steps you’ll have homemade nut milk made. Being certainly tastier and even healthier than the ones store bought and which does not need to be more expensive. Everything you need to know are the basic measurements and then you can just go loose on to your personal taste.

I love to squeeze the milk, as it has a sort of meditative thing to it for me. In my fridge a bottle of nut milk is in standard. I use it in my breakfast porridge, in smoothies, in hot chocolate or chai tea as well as in baking recipes.

When in a hurry and you haven soaked your nuts overnight… use hazelnuts or brazil nuts as these 2 nuts do not need to be soaked before.

I’m sure you’ll never go back to boxed milk product after making one of these delicious fresh nut or seed milks.


The left over pulp freezes really well and is a perfect base for a grain free bread or a nice cake like my Blood Orange Nut Cake 

nutmilk homemade