celeriac sauerkraut soup with apple + rosemary

knolselder zuurkool soep met appel rozemarijn
A honest and simple comforting week meal. Created on a cold day and scribbled on a page of Saturday’s newspaper magazine to not forget. This lovely warming celeriac sauerkraut soup with apple and rosemary is a real winter gem.

Sauerkraut is a true classic Dutch winter dish, mostly served with mashed potatoes and a smoked sausage. But sauerkraut is way more versatile and defiantly should not be eaten only like this. Being fermented white cole, sauerkraut is a probiotic food and helps to stimulate a healthy gut.

Just a few, very pure and honest ingredients is all this tasty soup is made off. The surprising sweet note from apple and fresh rosemary leaves at a warm wintery comfort feeling to please all your senses.

This recipe makes a good 4 pers. meal. But when just the two of you, freeze the left over for a lazy, easy day.

knolselder zuurkool soep met appel rozemarijnknolselder zuurkool soep met appel rozemarijn



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